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The Build Your Bike Program

The latest innovation from The Cyclist

We, at The Cyclist, will hand build a custom, one-of-a-kind, beach cruiser in 15 minutes before your eyes to your specification!

We have frames in just about every color, wheels, tires, bells, cup holders, baskets, basket liners, lights, grips and whatever else your imagination can come up with including custom colored frames. Your imagination is the only limit.

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The Build Your Bike Process

Frames on Wall

Pick Your Frame

Start customizing your one of a kind cruiser bike by selecting an American Flyer bicycle frame. There are frames is just about every color you can think of, so you'll be sure to find one that you'll love. We also offer custom colored frames if you really want to let your imagination run wild.

Wheel on Bike

Pick Your Wheels

Colored rims are a fun way to further personalize your bike. We carry great cruiser bike wheels in as many color options as our frames so you can mix and match and create a stylish new ride.

Items in Store

Pick Your Accessories

Once you've chosen your frame and wheel colors, it's time to really make your custom cruiser bike stand out. We have a wall of accessories full of cool items that look great and make riding even more fun. Choose from our wide selection of tires, baskets, basket liners, bells, cup holders, grips, and more.

Mechanic Assembling Bike

We build your bike

Once you've chosen the accessories that will go with your frame and wheels, the building can begin! Our skilled technicians will build your bike in 15 minutes while you wait and watch. You'll be walking out of The Cyclist with a brand new, one of a kind beach cruiser before you know it!

Call for more Details 949-645-8691